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This Is How Our Story Began

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With the unique sales proposition is that: the products are natural, some organic, vibrant, some vegan ingredients, which are inexpensive and high quality. Lilac would like to appeal to a broad range of ethnicities.


Prior to establishing her business Mercedes was obsessed with cosmetics however, she dealt having sensitive skin and some of the products that she consumed caused breakout and blemishes.


Mercedes discovered that a lot of her family and friends would have the same issues. That is when Mercedes decided to create a line that would cater to women with sensitive skin. After Mercedes developed her concept she named her cosmetic line Lilac which is a flower.


Mercedes believes that women should treat their skin as if they were growing a flower sensitive and delicate to harsh chemicals. Flowers are developed by using natural essentials of the earth and women should provide the same essentials to protect their skin.

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