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Wholesale 2-in-1 Liquid Matte Lipstick

Wholesale 2-in-1 Liquid Matte Lipstick


 To recieve samples please purchase the samples you would like on our shop make page and or by collections. We do not offer wholesale sample prices.


Shop Our 2-in-1 liquid Matte Lipstick for all shades and leave your shade list below. 


For additional business branding options please visit the "Lilac's Stragetic Beauty Branding Agency".


45 Pakcage customer must choose 15 shades and will recieve 3 of each shade.

75 Package customer much choose 15 shades and will recieve 5 of each shade.

120 Package customer much chose 15 shades and will recieve 8 of each shade.


Wholesale processing time 14 business days.

  • All Product Orders Are Final Sale

    Become A Beauty Brand offers wholesale opportunities made easy. When you wholesale with Lilac Cosmetics we make it simple for you to start selling and branding your own cosmetic line and business. The products that we are offering for wholesale: liquid lipsticks, lip gloss, lip pencils, brow pencils, and brow pomade. Wholesale is prefect for people who are interested in earning extra income to their beauty profession or looking to add products to expand their brand. All of our products are hypoallergenic, cruelty free, and vegan. In order to purchase wholesale you must agree to our policy: all clients are confidential, you will use your own product photos to promote and advertise your business ( you CANNOT use any of our Photos) You will not duplicate the names of Lilac Cosmetics products at anytime. You will agree that you will use your own logo, advertisements, and your own marketing terms to promote your brand. The business marketing packages includes: a website, marketing, a logo (if you have not created one), ROI (return in investment) preparation package, payment processing, and our how to shipping guide. EIN Tax ID is required for this package. Processing and Shipping may vary depending on your wholesale package. Processing and shipping should not extend over 2 weeks. Weekends are not included. All packages will have to be signed for upon arrival. 

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