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Volume Eye Lash Extension Set

Please call either location for same day booking. Daily availability is subject to change.

  • 2 hr 40 min
  • 145 US dollars
  • Security Square Mall|Eastpoint Mall

Service Description

A volume set of lashes refers to a specific technique in eyelash extensions where multiple lightweight extensions are carefully crafted into a fan and applied to a single natural lash. This technique creates a fuller and more voluminous appearance compared to classic eyelash extensions, which involve the application of a single extension to each individual natural lash. Here are the key features and characteristics of volume set lashes: Volume Technique: Volume lashes are created by the lash artist handcrafting a fan of 2 to 8 very fine and lightweight extensions. These fans are then carefully placed on each natural lash, adding volume and creating a lush, fuller look. Lightweight Extensions: The extensions used in volume lashes are significantly thinner than those used in classic extensions. This ensures that multiple extensions can be applied to a single natural lash without causing excess weight or damage. Customizable Volume: The volume of the lashes can be customized based on the client's preferences, desired fullness, and the health of their natural lashes. Lash technicians can create fans with varying numbers of extensions to achieve the desired effect. Natural Appearance: Despite the increased volume, volume lash extensions are designed to look natural and feathery. The lightweight nature of the extensions and the ability to create custom fans contribute to a soft and natural appearance. Longer Application Time: Volume lashes often take longer to apply compared to classic lashes due to the intricate process of creating and placing the fans. However, the result is a more dramatic and fuller look. Durable and Long-Lasting: Volume lash extensions are known for their longevity. When properly applied and maintained, they can last through the natural lash growth cycle, typically requiring fill-ins every 2 to 4 weeks. Maintenance: Regular fill-ins are essential to maintain the volume and fullness of the lashes as natural lashes shed and new growth occurs. Volume set lashes are ideal for individuals looking to achieve a more dramatic, voluminous lash appearance. The technique allows for a customizable and tailored look, enhancing the eyes and providing a glamorous effect. It's important to consult with a certified lash technician to discuss your preferences and determine the best eyelash extension style that suits your desired outcome and lifestyle.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival date, otherwise we will charge you a cancellation fee of $20.00.

Contact Details

  • Security Square Mall, Woodlawn, MD, USA

  • 7839 Eastpoint Mall, Baltimore, MD, USA

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